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High Peace Council Marks International Day of Peace

The High Peace Council (HPC) celebrated the international day of peace, Thursday September 21, 2017 through organizing a img kabul peace day celeb 1huge gathering at the HPC’s Conferences hall. Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Speaker of the Meshrano Jirga(Upper house of the parliament) Mr. Fazel Hadi Muslimyar, vice-speaker of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower house of the Parliament) Mohammad Nazir Ahmadzai, Chairman of the High Peace Council, Mohammad Karim Khalili, Head of the National Ulema Council, Mawlawi Qeyammuddin Kashaf, members of the both houses of the Afghan Parliament, deputy chairpersons and members of the HPC, members of the National Ulema Council, members of the Council of Protection and Stability, members of the Supreme Council of National and Jihadi Parties, representatives of the civil society and women peace activists, leaders and members of the council for Peace and Salvation, leaders and members of peace-building organizations, elders and members of tribal councils and representatives of the national and international media participated this img kabul peace day celeb 3auspicious event.   
At the outset, the chairman of the HPC, H.E Mohammad Karim Khalili, welcomed the participants to the gathering and congratulated  and wished all the people of the world, especially the peace-loving nation of Afghanistan on the occasion of the international day of peace.  He added that “we are celebrating this day in a situation where Afghanistan has been burning in flames of img kabul peace day celeb 2violence for many years now”.   Mr. Khalili also stated that “we want peace not only for Afghanistan, but for the entire world”.  He also added that today, national, regional and international circumstances for peace in Afghanistan are riper than ever before and hoped that with the efforts HPC is making, the armed opposition groups will soon realize the truth and the people of Afghanistan who have been suffering for years will one day witness a just and durable peace.
The Chief Executive of the NUG, H.E Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, applauded the previous efforts and sacrifices of the HPC. He referred to the martyrdom of the first chairman of the HPC late professor Burhanuddin Rabbani, efforts made by his eldest son, Salahuddin Rabbani and late Pir Sayed Ahmad Gailani, as a testimony of the HPC’s clear commitment for peace and reconciliation in the country. He also wished the new leadership and members of the HPC success in their endeavor for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.
The speaker of Meshrano Jirga, H.E Fazel Hadi Muslimyar while hoping for peace and security in the country, termed working for peace as a divine order and asked the HPC to add resolving internal disputes and differences in their agenda for peace besides making peace with the Taliban.  
During this meeting, the vice-speaker of the Wolesi Jirga, Mohammad Nazir Ahmadzai, while addressing the img kabul peace day celeb 4nation, insisted on the internal peace among various political sides. He added that we must put an end to our internal difference and divisions. Referring to the efforts of the HPC, he requested the entire Muslim nation of Afghanistan to firmly stand behind the HPC and make their utmost efforts to stop violence and bloodshed in the country.
Then, the head of the National Ulema Council of Afghanistan, Honorable Mawlawi Qeyamuddin Kashaf stated that peace is the natural state of a society while violence is a cursed, vicious and malign stat. He also emphasized that we should, as human beings, protect our brotherhood as per the provisions prescribe by Almighty Allah.
President of the National Islamic front of Afghanistan, H.E Sayed Hamed Gailani, on behalf of the Supreme Council of the National and Jihadi Parties, thanked HPC for organizing such a big event. He added that achievement of peace and stability in Afghanistan depends on efforts at national, regional and international levels and expressed hope that actors at all dimensions should come together in order to ensure peace in Afghanistan and the region through undertaking comprehensive initiatives.
On behalf of the Council of Protection and Stability, Mohammad Omar Daudzai, the chairman of the political committee of the Council, made clear proposals to the HPC and the Afghan government as far as peace and reconciliation is concerned. He also called upon the Afghan government to remain firmly committed to the policies img kabul peace day celeb 5it makes. He also noted that the HPC should play its role as a mediator between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the armed oppositions.  Mr. Daudzai also called upon the armed opposition groups to renounce violence and firmly stand alongside the Afghan people, and take active part in the development and reconstruction of the country. He also noted that the international community should extend its political as well as financial support to the HPC for achieving a durable peace in Afghanistan.
Later one, the chairman of the political committee of the Hizb-i-Islami, Mr. Ghairat Baheer called the peace agreement between Hizb-i Islami Afghanistan (HIA) and the government of Afghanistan and the HPC as a good example of a negotiated settlement and called upon the Taliban to take and follow this agreement as a successful example of intera-Afghan talks and come to the negotiating table.
On behalf of the Afghan women, Shahla Farid, a member of the HPC and professor of the Kabul University, described the role of women in the peace process very important and vital and hoped for ending violence and bloodshed in the country.
Yalda Latifi, representing the Afghan children, in her emotional speech welcomed efforts for peace and rejected and cursed any kind of violence and hatred. She noted that the sorrow and grief of one tribe and one ethnic group in img kabul peace day celeb 6Afghanistan is the grief of the entire nation. She also stated that peace and reconciliation is the aspiration of all people of Afghanistan. At the end of her passionate speech that impressed all the participants she proudly said that “Afghanistan will continue existing until one Afghan is alive”.
 At the end, Dr. Mohammad Akram Khpalwak, Secretary General of the HPC and special advisor to the president on political affairs expressed his gratitude to all the participants for attending this auspicious gathering and apologized to all those speakers who were not able to address the gathering due to the time limitation.  
The ceremony was concluded by reciting prayers for peace and prosperity in the country by the deputy chairman of the HPC, Mawlawi Abdul Khabir Ochqoon.





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