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Re-integration of Armed opposition to the Peace Process in Herat

A group of 12 members headed by Arbab Nadir Sey darakht son of Miro resident of Adraskan district of Herat province who was involved in anti-government activities, recently set aside violence and joined the Peace Process.


On July 10 a meeting that was held on the occasion of re-integration process at the Ghazi Amanullah Khan Conference hall of Herat Province, Herat Governor, and Sayed Fazlullah Wahedi welcomed joining the group to the APRP. He urged the other oppositions to join the Peace Process and take part in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of their Country.

Chairman of Herat Provincial Peace Committee Mawalwee Ghulam Sarwar gave details and said: Joining this group had a positive impact on the security of Sey darakht, Guzara, Pashtoon Zarghoon, and Adraskan districts.

A group of armed opposition including 13 members headed by Mulah Sehat known as Mullah Baran residents of Koshk, Rubat-e-Sangi districts and Herat-Toor Ghundi highway who was involved in anti-government activities, recently realized the legitimacy of peace and its Islamic and humanitarian values and joined the Peace process.

In another report a group of 4 members headed by Mulah Khan Hazrat son of Darwiza residents of Joy Kunj village of Bala Murghab districts of Badghees province, who was involved in anti-government activities, joined the Peace process.

Later, Herat Peace Committee Chairman, Mawlawee Ghulam Sarwar gave details and said Re-integration of these two groups brought positives changes in the surrounding areas of Khok, Rubat-e-sangi and Herat- Toorghundi highway.

Meanwhile, Mullah Sehat said: We were supported financially by the government of Pakistan. As far as we know that by 2014 the foreign troops would leave Afghanistan and the Afghan government would take the security responsibilities, therefore there would be no reason to fight anymore. We signed an agreement with the Herat Provincial peace Committee and influential leaders to work together for the Peace Process, in addition, we urge those oppositions who are still against the government to set aside the violence and join the Peace Process

He added: we urge the government to provide employment opportunities for us.

The ceremony is ended up with the distribution of gifts to the deserved people.

It should be mentioned that from the beginning of 2013 until now around 43 individuals of armed oppositions are joined to the Herat peace program and since the beginning of Herat Peace program 908 individuals including 73 groups of armed opposition have been joined the peace process.