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Peace talks gatherings in Kapisa and Sar-e-pol Provinces

On June 26 Peace talk gathering s held in Kapisa Peace Committee conference hall.


Representatives of the kapisa provincial Peace Committee and Joint Secretariat, 25 members of the Saak, Tagab, Nijrab and centre of Kapisa were among the paticipants. The participants discussed and overviewed the recent challenges and problems over the implementation of the Peace process. They said that National Unity is the only solution to achieve Peace in the country.

At the end representatives of the various tribes of the Kapisa Province emphasized on the necessities of Peace and National unity and urged the oppositions to put an end to the current violence and work together for the restoration of peaceful and prosperous life.

On June 28 a similar ceremony had been held in Sar-e- pol province. Deputy Governor, Abdul Ghafoor, Chairman and members of the provincial peace Committee, Head of the government departments, Ulema, Jihadi leaders, members of the Sar-e-pol Peace Committee, Head of the National Solidarity Program, Community stakeholders and other residents of the six districts of the Sar-e-pol and neighboring provinces were among the participants.

The participants stressed on the values and importance of Peace, they said, we would achieve Peace whenever we have a strong National unity among us .In addition, they pointed out on the recent initiatives of the Sar-e-pol provincial Peace Committees and said joining of 644 people to the peace process was a great success.

At the end they asked the resident of Sar-e-pol Province to work together for the stability of Peace and security.