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HPC Statement on Recent Developments

May 11, 2015

Since its establishment, the HPC has made constant efforts to pave the ground for restoring peace through direct negotiations in order that the foreign forces return to their countries and Afghans themselves assume full responsibility for the security and development of their country.

It is an undeniable reality that peace leads to development and economic prosperity while on the contrary, war results in violence, foreign interference, the killing of innocent individuals, errors, and injustice, thus endangering the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence. Only through constructive negotiations and dialogue, Afghans can save their country from the different threats, rumours of the emergence of which have recently surfaced. 

The views set out by the Taliban in Qatar are among the issues that HPC has tried to resolve for the last few years. Words on their own are insufficient; it is high time to move from words to action and to take practical steps to end the violence and agree on the road to settlement.

There is a possibility of differences of opinion and positions, but these differences should not be put forward as preconditions or excuses aimed at avoiding direct negotiations. Negotiations should be aimed at finding mutually agreeable solutions that will safeguard the interests and honour of all parties to the conflict.

It is the religious obligation of all parties to the war to avoid violence, bombings, terrorist activities, and all similar acts that kill innocent Afghans. As the foreign combat troops left Afghanistan, now on both sides only Afghans are being killed, which by no means is justifiable. The continuation of the war will only serve to create space for illegal armed groups on both sides to commit atrocities such as killing, looting of property, kidnapping, and fomenting tribal and ethnic strife. There is a need to bring an end to these unlawful practices and instead solve the problem through wisdom and prudence

Everyone knows that war is imposed on Afghans. Recently the presence of foreign fighters on the battlefield suggests that there are clandestine forces that are pushing the country towards further crisis. If the armed oppositions sincerely wish to avoid their country falling victim to foreign conspiracies, it would be better to declare their readiness for intra-Afghan negotiations aimed at jointly finding solutions to the problem.

The HPC wants to identify and address all the root causes that prevent the commencement of direct negotiations. The HPC and the Afghan government have already started discussions with the Sanctions Committee of the United Nations Security Council about removing the travel ban and subsequently delisting those individuals who would participate in direct negotiations. A discussion has also been started with the Sanctions Committee about a staged process for de-listings and addressing the issue of the sanctions list as an intra-Afghan agreement is reached.

The HPC would like all parties to participate in the Afghan political system on a fair and equal footing, because everyone has equal rights as Afghan citizens, including the right to live a secure life under the country’s political system. One of the important elements of the Afghan political system is the country’s constitution that, according to the articles of its tenth chapter, can be amended.

The Afghan government has committed itself to preparing the ground for the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Afghanistan. It has always emphasised that the remaining foreign forces could be withdrawn from our country as an end result of a process of direct negotiation and agreement between all concerned parties.

The HPC believes that there is no issue that the Afghan government and the armed opposition cannot put on the table for discussions during direct negotiations. All those issues that benefit the Afghan nation and that could put an end to the current bloodshed can be addressed through direct talks.

We hope that Allah Almighty grant us the strength to resolve our problems through peaceful means, put an end to the war and violence, prevent our homeland from becoming the hub of international terrorism, and not let our poor people become the victim of the objectives of others. In conclusion we strongly urge the armed oppositions to engage in direct talks with the Afghan government, in order to end this prolonged tragedy.