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APRP Development Department Functions


Under direct supervision of JS/DCEO and APRP senior management the development department is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation, execution, control and completion of specific community recovery Projects in support of peace and reintegration ensuring consistency with APRP strategy, commitments and program goals.

The unit provides professional and technical support to APRP Implementing partners including Line Ministries and other executing agencies.

The Development Department has multiple functions, which is not limited to:

  • Lead the planning and implementation of Community Recovery Project in support of peace and reintegration’s undertaking by both  line ministries ,CDCs & DDAs
  • Assist in the definition of Community Recovery Project in support of peace and reintegration scope, goals and deliverables.
  • Support the Line ministries in defining Community Recovery Project full scale projects planning ,tasks and resource requirements
  • Manage Line ministries annual budget for Community Recovery Projects
  • Track Community Recovery Project accepted deliverables using appropriate tools & constantly monitor and report on progress of the Community Recovery Project to all stakeholders
  • Present reports defining Community Recovery Projects progress, problems and solutions ,coordinate and manage Community Recovery Project changes and interventions to achieve Community Recovery Project outputs
  • Community Recovery Project evaluations and assessment of results & Producing high quality reports according to APRP indicators and needs to be distributed externally (Monthly /Quarterly/Final Reports).
  • Reviewing incoming reports and facilitate the channeling of information to the appropriate work units within the Program.
  • Supporting program Technical Committee (TC) where the program donor agencies and stockholders are meeting for any program proposal /review and endorsement process
  • Ensure the quality and accuracy of information and Ensure that the standard of information continuously meets the APRP and the stakeholder’s expectations.
  • Develop and strengthen monitoring, inspection and evaluation procedures & appropriate reporting formats to meet all reporting requirements
  • Contribute in program Strategy, activities development process and provide feedback to the APRP management to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the CR by identifying bottlenecks in completing Projects activities and developing mitigation strategy.
  • Identify the APRP capacity development requirements, conduct the CR & PM  training at central and provincial level to develop the capability of DOs as a regular process